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You can track your order status with your tracking number by contacting the freight company.

Please contact our Customer Support team for assistance. With the exception of built to order items, orders can be cancelled if they have not been shipped. As we would need to notify our distribution channels to cancel the order, allow 1-2business days for confirmation. Orders that have been shipped cannot be cancelled and are subject to our Return Policy.

Please read our return policy for more details.

Our HQ is located in Sydney. However we are strictly an online retailer and do not have any physical store locations. If you need assistance selecting a product, our sales reps would be more than happy to help via phone, chat, contact us form or email.

It depends on the creator and the product. All options are outlined on the product page, so look out for customization options there.

Billing & Payment

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express (American Express is subject to an additional 1% fee)

We can accept cheques on orders over $1000. Please contact our Customer Service Team to arrange.

Unfortunately, we do not offer additional discounts. Our prices have already been discounted as low as possible. However, we do offer a 1.5% direct deposit discount on orders over $750, which can end up saving you a pretty penny. Please give us a call if you would like to arrange this.

Shipping & Delivery

There are several different freighting companies that we use in order to deliver your order as quickly as possible. A signature will be required upon delivery. Please see Shipping Information for further information

You must call our Customer Support team to make arrangements with the freight carrier to arrange a depot pickup. If authorised, you will need to bring photo ID that matches the name on the order to receive your shipment. Your order will not be released if it does not match.

Please be aware that your order ships on a semi-truck. This delivery method is considered curb side delivery, which means the driver will not pull into a residential driveway due to liability issues. 

Please note that a signature is required at the time of delivery and is for your benefit. If you accept delivery without a signature, you will be responsible for any damages and the lack of signature is the same as stating that you are accepting the delivery as is. Keep in mind the freight company will call at least 24hours prior to schedule the delivery and you can work with them at that point to arrange a time that will allow you to be present for delivery.

Please inspect delivery before signing, request a note be made if there is potential damage. If there is definite damage to the item(s), refuse delivery and contact us immediately.

We currently DO NOT ship outside of Australia.

Product Support

Manufacturer warranties are typically found on the product page and can vary from consumer and professional use. Information on your warranty can also be found in your manual or on a warranty information sheet.

There is also a warranty page on our site with manufacturer contact details.

Please contact the manufacturer of your product for service options if the product is covered under a manufacturer warranty. You may refer to our warranty page for this information.

Generator Questions

There are several factors you need to weigh up when buying a generator; Type, size, mobility, quality, durability, just to name a few. We have a range of premium generators from around the world on offer however we recommend first you read our buyer’s guide here which dives into this question in detail.

The size of the generator you should buy is determined by what items you plan on running through the generator and their starting wattage requirements and their continuous wattage requirements. This information is found in your user manuals. You also need to take into account whether you plan on running these items at the same time. For further information you can go to our buyers guide or give one of our knowledgeable team a call.

Petrol generators are more cost effective due to their more simple design however are not designed to run at maximum load for extended periods

Diesel generators are more fuel efficient and are designed to operate up to 100% load for extended periods of time.

Generally petrol generators are suited to smaller home use and diesel is suited to heavy commercial use.

Most require 10W-30, 15W-40 or 20W-50. The specific recommended oil for a particular make/model will be located in the manual.

The fuel consumption depends on the size of the engine and how hard it is being worked. The other factor is the size of the fuel tank. Generally portable generators can run from 4-12 hours and standby generators can run up to 3 days if they have a tank.

kW(kilowatt) is the unit of actual power and kVA (kilovolt-ampere) is the unit of apparent power.


To make it simple, the conversion for kVA to kW is Power factor x kVA = kW


Eg 0.8 x1250 kVA = 1000 kW


Generally single phase generators have a power factor = 1 and three phase = 0.8


If you are buying a recreational generator it will be single phase meaning your kVA and kWwill be 1:1 generally

You will need to have an electrician install an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) which automatically switches from mains power when it cuts to generator power. You can also have a Manual Transfer Switch (MTS) installed which also allows you to transfer from mains to generator however manually. This means you would have to manually start the generator and plug it in when the power is cut. You would also need to do the reverse when the power is back on.

Generators are designed to be able to handle overloads however only for a very short amount of time. This design feature is in place to handle the start up of motors or heating elements. Overloading your generator for a sustained period of time can potentially cause significant damage and shorten the working life of the generator.

Yes but you need the right type of generator.

Inverter generators are the cream of the crop though for this requirement. They produce the cleanest electricity of any generator and are the ideal generator for running sensitive equipment


Another option is a generator with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) which is designed to keep a consistent voltage. Although not required, we recommend using a surge protector as an extra element of protection.


We do not advise you run sensitive equipment through a regular generator.

An automatic voltage regulator is used to regulate voltage. Fluctuation in voltage generally occurs due to varying loads. The AVR is in place to change the fluctuate voltage into a constant voltage. This is important to ensure sensitive equipment isn’t damaged. Again, when using sensitive equipment  we recommend surge protection used with AVR generators as an extra layer of protection.

Two quick things to check, is the fuel tank breather valve on the fuel cap open? And is the choke in run position?


If those are fine, then you may be overloading your generator. Most modern generator shave overload protection, they will run for a period of time and switch off

This will be caused by leaving the remote control switch on.

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